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 Single-room double (DBL) The hotel complex "Plavno" is a historically memorable place connected with the name of PM Masherov. Quiet and secluded, it is in a pine forest on the shore of the picturesque Lake Plavno - watershed of the Black and Baltic seas. The complex is located 15 km from the administrative center of the reserve on the border with the experimental forestry hunting farm "Barsuki". The entire territory of the complex is isolated and reliably guarded. The three-storey hotel with a spacious hall and 10 cozy rooms reminds a fairy-tale castle. On your choice one-, two- and three-room numbers. The rooms have a TV, refrigerator, air conditioning.
In all rooms of the hotel and in the rooms there is a free connection to the Internet (via wireless Wi-Fi technology).
The windows of the rooms offer a picturesque panorama of the surroundings of Lake Plavno.
On the territory of the hotel there are arranged pavilions for rest, barbecues, a guarded parking lot. Nearby there is a sports ground, where you can spend your free time playing table tennis, basketball, volleyball and football. Fans of the game of billiards have the opportunity to play a game of Russian billiards. Here you can also rent boats, catamarans, bicycles, badminton, balls, skipping ropes, sports hoops, in the winter - sledges and skis. There is a helipad on the territory of the complex. On the shore of the lake is a beautiful beach. To strengthen health and cheer up you will be helped by couples in a Russian bath.
We will be happy to provide you a pleasant stay and guarantee an unforgettable experience of visiting the hotel complex "Plavno"!
In the restaurant of the hotel, meat of wild animals and products of side use are widely used in the preparation of dishes: mushrooms and berries.

Bedrooms:  1
Characteristics:  One parking place /  Balcony / Separated WC / Combined bathroom
Human:  2
In the room:  equipped with necessary furniture / 2-bed or 2 twin beds / Fridge / TV /  Free Wi-Fi / living room
Number of rooms:  5
Price:  86
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