Рус Бел Eng
State Nature Protection Institution "Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve"


Throughout our Republic's updated temperature records. We hasten to inform you that on the territory of Berezinsky biosphere reserve recorded temperature anomaly.

29 December 2017, the air warmed up to +5.9 degrees above zero, on December 30 last year, the thermometer rose to the level of 6 degrees above zero and the same temperature was observed on 2 January this year. 
It should be noted that previous high of the day — plus of 5.7 degrees in 1984.
Data provided by the background monitoring station. 
On the territory of the Republic of Belarus of 23 November 1978 was created the only background monitoring station, which is located in the Berezinsky biosphere reserve.
Station for background monitoring is focused on obtaining information about the state of the natural environment on the reserve.
To visit the station to go to the Museum of nature - +3752132 26313
Details - Monitoring Station