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State Nature Protection Institution "Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve"


Today we, the staff of the reserve, congratulations to all who created the reserve and worked in it, studying, preserving, and telling about this miracle - the wilderness!

We say "a big thanks" to everyone who has helped and continues to help us become better and move forward, faithful to a conservation Cause!

All these 93 years, the reserve improves and enhances its activity. Thanks to the tremendous hard work of its staff strictly protected natural places in our country are also covered virgin forests and meadows, inhabited by the same plants and animals that decades ago. 

This is a valuable, pristine, protected land, which keeps the events of the past, of the present fauna and ecology of the future.

Maximum attention is paid to the development of ecological-educational activities, tourism, and other environmental forms of recreation, actively created a tourist infrastructure!

We invite everyone to be inspired to full of unforgettable experiences journey into the wild Belarus!

on January 30 in honor of his Birthday in the reserve will be presented to an outstanding comic performance (supplied and performed by talented members of our reserve!), where we invite all comers!