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Forest white book

Length - 8 km, duration - 4 hours.

Ski excursion «Forest white book» goes through the picturesque reserved territory of the Domzheritskoe forestry, includes the places of inhabitat of the red deers, elks, roe deers and are full of the traces of vital activities of these representatives of Belarusian fauna.

It is possible to found here traces of wolf, to follow the hunting of stoat and marten, to «read» on the snow how sly fox tracks alpine hare, and if somebody is lucky to observe the forest inhabitants right in the wild. Open «Forest white bookа»!

Cost of the excursion «Forest white book»:

  • per group up to 10 people - 35,00 BYN,
  • per group up more than 10 people - 50,00 BYN.

All the necessary equipment is provided by the Resewrve.

You can order a tour or get a reference information by phone +375 2132 2-63-18, 2-63-13  or e-mail: