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More than two thousand species of plants are known for the territory of the reserve. Of them: vascular - 822, bryophytes - 216, mushrooms - 464, algae - 317, lichens - 261.

Algae and lichens. 317 species of diatomic algae in the reserve's lakes have been found, 229 of them in Olshitsa lake, 222 - in Plavno, 215 - in Manetz, 205 - in Domzheritskoye, 98 - in Postrezhskoye, 236 - in Palik ones. From the taxonomic point of view the investigated species belong to 2 classes, 8 orders, 20 families and 42 genera. 

The lichenobiota of the reserve numbers 238 species of lichens or above 50% of the total number of species known in Belarus. The lichenobiota is peculiar for the fact that the majority of species, i.e. 160, settle down the bark of various living tree species. 44 species have been found out in developed and destroying woods, 59 - on the ground, 23 - on the stony substratum, 22 on each - on the plant remnants and mixed substratum.

The registered lichens belong to 74 genera of 33 families. The mean number of species in a family totals 7,2; in a genus - 3,2. Cladoniaceae, Parmeliaceae, Lecanoraceae, Lecideaceae, Physciaceae, Usneaceae and Pertusariaceae families are the most abundant. 66,8 % of the total number of the lichens in the reserve fall on these families. The rest families are not numerous: 10 of them are represented by a single species each, 6 - by 2, 2 - by 3; other families have 4, 5, 7 and 8 species.


66 lichens found in the reserve belong to the fruticose ones, 53 - to the foliaceous and 119 - to the crustose ones. Geographically lichens of the Berezinsky Reserve can be distributed among 8 geographical elements, i.e. arctic-alpine - 1, hypoarctomountenous - 12, boreal - 110, nemoral - 58, mountenous - 10, multizonal - 27, xerocontinental - 2, suboceanic - 2 species; 11 lichen species belonging to any geographical elements are not identified. On the basis of geographical analysis the lichenobiota of the reserve can be characterized as nemoral-boreal.

The limit of sensitiveness to sulphur containing pollutants is known in 77 lichen species found on the territory of the reserve. 6 lichen species of 17, including the ones in national Red Data Book, are found on the territory of the reserve: Chaenotheca carthusiae, Lobaria pulmonaria, Menegazzia terebrata, Parmelia revoluta, P. sorediosa, Usnea florida.