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Price-list for hunting tourism services in the hunting grounds managed by the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve

Hunting tourism is held exceptionally on the basis of hunting grounds «Barsuki» and «Berezina», situated out of the reserve's borders. Hunting grounds have a 15-years experience in tour operator activity of hunting tours organisation for the foreigners.

Hunting grounds

Experimental forest and hunting ground «Barsuki» occupies the territory of 29,3 thousand hectares. Forests cover 80 % of the territory , mires — 35 %. There dominate 40–60 years old pine forests, interleaved with new planting of coniferous species. About 25 % of the area is occupied with deciduous forests. Open plots — woodless mires, arable lands, meadows, plots of felled forest, exhausted peat bogs — are common. There are two big lakes in the middle of the forest, each with the area of 300 hectares, overgrown with water vegetation all over.

Hunting ground «Berezina» occupies the territory of 16,0 thousand hectares. Percentage of forest land is 56 %, water–logged ground — 10 %. There dominate pine forests, interleaved with vast plots of fields and bushes. There are small artificial reservoirs. The system of soil–reclamation canals is well developed. Ideal conditions for habitation of field game, red deer, wild boar, roe are made.


For hunters the following animals are of a special interest: elk (the number in hunting grounds — about 130 individuals), red deer (80), wild boar (230), roe deer (340), capercaillie (70), black grouse (90). The density of hoofed mammals is within 4,7–12,7 individuals per 1000 ha. The maximum size of hunter's trophies: elk and red deer antlers — to 10 kg, roe deer antlers — to 500 g, wild boar tusks — to 25 cm.

Annually about 1000 individuals of swimming birds inhabit Lake Berescha. During the spring and autumn migration their number increases significant (to 2500–3000 individuals).

Ways of hunt and limits of killing

In the hunting grounds of the reserve the traditional ways of hunt for wild animals are in use: methods of approaching, ambush, calling and driving in hunt. Annual limit of killing elk is 15–20 individuals, red deer — 8–10, wild boar — 100–130, roe deer — 40–50, capercaillie — 4–5 and black grouse — 10–12.

Hunting terms

Hunt for hoofed mammals is mainly held in autumn and winter; in spring and summer the killing of these species is strictly limited. The best time for upland fowl hunting are March and April. Duck bag is held within the period of spring and autumn migration. Hunting season of grouses (on leks) — March–April.

Cost of hunting


The cost of hunting for foreigners include licensing for weapon and ammunition conveyance, drawing up the necessary permissions in consulates for obtaining entry visas by foreign hunters, transportation from the airport and back, hunt organization (services of huntsmen, transportation during hunts, preparing the hunting), drawing up a trophy export. Client additionally pay on-site for their temporary registration withih the Republic of Belarus if a hunting tour lasts more than 3 days.

Accommodation for hunters

Newcomers can stay at the european-class hotels or guest houses with all conveniences for 6–10 people. Optionally it is possible to visit Russian baths or sauna, Natural History Museum and open-air cages with the wild animals, to watch the movies about the reserve's nature; tours of the historical places are organized.


Clothes and equipment

For spring, autumn and winter time light but warm hunting clothes are recommended. It is desirable to have a woollen pulovere and the warm underwear on. For any season a jacket (warm in winter) and a hat are comfortable. For the rain and sleet protection a raincoat and rubber highboots are necessary to have on.


Weapon conveyance and paper work

Every guest shall inform in advance of the following:

  • first name, last name, passport number, date of birth;
  • mark and number of an imported weapon;
  • weapon calibre;
  • number of imported cartridges;
  • numbers of imported hunting knives;
  • presence of telescopic sights;
  • presence of insurance policy according to the agreement with a belarusian agency.

This information should be recieved by the reserve within 30 days before arrival.

To organize a hunt, send a letter with a request to our email

In the application you must specify:

1. the type of hunting;

2. date of hunting;

3. preferred place to stay;

4 number of hunters;