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Amphibia. Nine amphibia species have been found on the teritory of the Reserve: Brown frog (Rana temporaria), Moor frog (R. terrestris), Lake frog (R. ridibunda), Edible frog (R. esculenta); Common toad (Bufo bufo), Green toad (B. viridis), Running toad (B. calamita); Warty newt (Triturus cristatus), Common newe (T. vulgaris). Rana temporaria and R. terrestris are predominant. Bufo calamita included into the Red Data Book was recorded in the Reserve only once in 1967.


Rana temporaria.. Body length of pubescent individuals is 50 - 80 mm, weight - 10 - 44 g. It prefers damp alder, birch and mixed woods, and reaches in number up to 1200 individuals per hectare. In spruce and pine woods its number is considerably lower - 10 - 30 individuals per hectare, maximum - 120. In bogs, transition mires and swamped meadows in the Serguch river, Lake Olshitsa and Lake Manets flood-lands it is almost absent (some 10 - 20 individuals per hectare), in the Berezina flood-land meadows its numbers reach 200 - 250 individuals per hectare.

Rana terrestris.. Body length 40 - 65 mm, weight 5 - 30 g. Inhabiting along side with R. temporaria various forest biotopes, it is less numerous everywhere: no more than 20 - 30 % of the total amphibia density. The largest density was recorded in damp alder woods (450 individuals per hectare). R. terrestris adapts itself to open biotopes rather than R.temporaria. Thus, its density in the flood-land meadows of Lake Olshitsa and Lake Manets totaled 175 - 270 individuals per hectare, in bogs 70 - 140, in marshlands - 300, in the Serguch river flood-lands - 40. However, in the Berezina flood-land meadows overgrown with shrubbery the species number decreases abruptly and totals no more than 10 individuals per hectare.

Bufo bufo.. Body length is 50 - 120 mm, weight - 12 - 150 g. Inhabits mainly damp alder woods, swamped meadows overgrown with shrubs, in lake, river and the Serguch Canal flood-lands, and in crop fields near settlements. In these places it numbers 15 - 40 individuals per hectare.

Bufo viridis.. Body length is 50 - 80 mm, weight - 12 - 50 g. Inhabits forest edges, clearings and crop fields near settlements.