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State Nature Protection Institution "Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve"

Eco-trip to the Reserve

Camper parking and electric car charging station in the reserve


In August 2022, a camping site for 10 camper modules began to operate in the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve, on the territory of the Nivki eco-tourist complex. There’s a connection to electricity, sewerage and water supply, and electric lighting of the site. The camping site is located near the M3 highway (Minsk-Vitebsk), and it’s equally convenient to get here from both Minsk (127 km) and Vitebsk (140 km).


There is also a charging station “WALL COMPLEX” for electric vehicles installed on the territory. The station is powered from a three-phase five-wire alternating current network with a voltage of 400V and a frequency of 50Hz. Type of access to the station – Rfid card, via mobile application.


The station provides EV charging via cables:

AC: TYPE 1 cable (1 piece, output power 19 kW, maximum cable current 80 A, cable length 6.5 m); TYPE 2 (1 piece, output power 45 kW, maximum cable current 63 A, cable length 6.5 m),

DC: cable CCS Combo 1, CCS Combo 2 (1 piece, output power 60 kW, maximum cable current 200 A, maximum connector voltage 550V, cable length 6.5m), CHAdeMO (1 piece, output power 60kW, maximum cable current 200A, maximum connector voltage 550V, cable length 6.5m).


The area is truly picturesque: a forest with the cleanest air in the country, Lake Manets is within walking distance. Here, in a forest clearing, there’s a recreation area with numerous guest houses, where you can accommodate a group of 4 to 8 people. There is a cafe “Lesnoy Traktir”, which offers delicious food, exclusive drinks and local organic honey. And on the territory of the “Nivki” complex there’s also a children’s playground and gazebos for relaxation. Thus you can include it in your route as a comfortable place to relax.



Price: 30 BYN per space in a camper parking lot per day.

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Autocamping "Nivki" is a great location for those who are planning not only to travel around the country, but also decide to get acquainted with natural sites of the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve using excursion offers. We highly recommend visiting the village of Domzheritsy, where the administrative center of the reserve is located, and visiting our museums: Museum of Nature, Museum of Honey, Museum of Myths. You can take a walk along the ecological trail “On the Forest Reserve Trail” or along the mythological trail “In the Land of Myths”. Families with children will also find it interesting to spend time at the Forest Zoo, where you can see forest fauna and visit a small zoo with pets. Besides you can have an active time in the rope park “Lesnye zabavy”. There are two tracks here: the children’s one consists of 11 stages (children from 5 to 10 years old, height from 110 cm, weighing no more than 80 kg are allowed) and the adult one includes 17 stages (height must not be lower than 150 cm, and weight − not more than 100 kg).

We invite everyone to visit the “Nivki” camping site!

Booking and info:

+375 (2132) 51199, +375 (44) 1457775