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2-комн. 2-местн.

Spacious double room. 

The room has a bedroom (2 double bed), living room, bathroom, hall. 

All rooms are equipped with the necessary furniture, there is a TV, a refrigerator, air conditioning, an electric kettle, and a hair dryer.


Dear guests, sorry, but we do not allow smoking in the rooms and on the territory of the hotel.

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If you are going to visit us, do not take dogs and other pets with you, their entry into the reserve as well as living with them are prohibited. Please make sure in advance who will look after them in your absence.


It is forbidden to pick flowers, medicinal herbs and other wild plants in the protected area. 


It is forbidden to kindle fires and leave garbage behind in the protected forest.


Cars are not allowed off public roads. 

Finding vehicles on forest roads is an administrative violation that entails a fine.

We invite you to rest for positive emotions and new experiences!


Number of rooms:  2
Human:  2
Bedrooms:  2
Price:  from 178.20 BYN
Characteristics:  One parking place / Separated WC
In the room:  Fridge / TV / 2 twin bed /  Free Wi-Fi / Equipped with necessary furniture
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