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The suite of "Standard" category is a room for two persons, spacious and comfortable.

It has everything you need for your comfortable stay: TV, refrigerator, air conditioning, Wi-Fi.


The windows in all rooms of this category look to the east, so in the morning, this room will be filled with sunlight and energize you for the whole day.

You can open the window and breathe in the fresh air of the reserve, as well as enjoy the picturesque view of the central village.


After walking around the neighborhood and visiting the tourist sites of the Berezinsky Reserve, it is nice to relax and unwind on a soft, snow-white bed.

The Nature Museum, a rope park, the Mythology Museum, the Forest Zoo, ecological trails and routes are waiting for you.


There’s a beautiful view of the central village of the reserve, and in May-June blooming chestnuts will delight the eye. 


One spacious guest room has two single beds. They can be moved together at will of the guests.

When placed in a room with children, you can arrange an extra bed on a folding sofa.


Meals for our guests are organized in the restaurant on the first floor of the hotel complex.

Meals are ordered from the menu. Breakfast is included in the suite price.


Do not miss the chance to take a fishing rod with you on vacation!

Guests can obtain permission for amateur fishing from the administrator for the period of stay at the hotel.

Fishing is permitted on all reservoirs of the Berezinsky Reserve in places allowed for fishing.


For the period of stay, you can also get a special permission for picking mushrooms and berries in specially designated areas.


Our hotel is located in the most ecologically clean place in Belarus, in a protected forest area. Therefore, do not forget to take repellent from sanguivorous insects on your vacation.


There are two free parking lots for personal vehicles of guests near the hotel complex.

There is also a guarded paid parking lot. The cost of one parking space is 3,5 BYN per day.


Within walking distance from the hotel there are the Nature Museum, the Mythology Museum and the Museum of Honey. 

значок_верховая езда.png

A little further away there is the Forest Zoo and a levada with horses.

значок_веревочный парк.png

The rope park "Lesnye Zabavy" abuts with the hotel complex. 


Guests can walk along the Discovery Trail, which is located in the arboretum, on their own.

And you can order a walking tour along the Ecological Trail or the Stone Slab route.

Thus you will not only enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature, but also learn a lot of curious things.


Bicycle routes were created for you in the Berezinsky Reserve. 

You can travel along them only with our guide or a worker of the reserve.

You can also rent bicycles and ride on public roads on your own. 

It is forbidden to enter the protected forest without a guide.

значок фото.png

Be sure to take pictures and share with friends the unique beauty of the reserved nature.

Though for professional photography or video filming, permission from the administration is required.


Dear guests, sorry, but we do not allow smoking in the rooms and on the territory of the hotel.

значок_no pets1.png

If you are going to visit us, do not take dogs and other pets with you, their entry into the reserve as well as living with them are prohibited. 

Please make sure in advance who will look after them in your absence.


It is forbidden to pick flowers, medicinal herbs and other wild plants in the protected area. 


It is forbidden to kindle fires and leave garbage in the protected forest.


Cars are not allowed off public roads. 

Leaving vehicles on forest roads is an administrative violation that entails a fine.

We invite you to rest for positive emotions and new experiences!


Number of rooms:  21
Human:  2
Bedrooms:  1
Price:  start from 99 BYN
Breakfast:  included in the suite price
Breakfast + dinner:  27,50 BYN (half board)
Breakfast + lunch + dinner:  49,50 BYN (full board)
In the room:  2 twin bed / Bathroom / Hall / Equipped with necessary furniture / TV / Fridge / Air Conditioner  /  Free Wi-Fi
Info service:  2 BYN
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