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State Nature Protection Institution "Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve"

We invite you to visit the photo exhibition

A photo exhibition about the wildlife of Belarus opened in the Berezinsky Biosphere

In December, an extremely interesting thematic photo exhibition opened in the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve. It is represented by about 40 colorful photographs by members of the Belarusian Club of Wildlife Photographers.


Created in February 2008, the Club is an association of people who actively photograph their native nature and strive to show and plant love and respect for it through the art of photography. The club has become a part of life for both professional photographers and those who are just starting their journey into the world of wildlife photography. One of the Club’s objectives is to demonstrate the beauty of Belarusian nature through photography, to promote active recreation with a camera, both in untouched areas and along paved routes, eco-trails and in organized photo expeditions.


This exhibition presents the best works of more than 20 members of the photo club, including such famous animal photographers as Sergei Plytkevich, Viktor Kozlovsky, Andrei Shimchuk, Alexander Pekach, as well as the reserve’s researcher Denis Ivkovich. After looking at the works of these and other authors, you’ll learn what a bearded tit and a slow worm look like, what the snake eagle and waxwing have for lunch, what kind of trophy a deer can get in a duel, and that it seems a shrike can attack and a roe deer can fly! Many amazing photographs and moments of Belarusian wildlife of Belarus will leave an unforgettable impression on visitors to this photo exhibition.


We invite everyone to take a unique journey into the world of wildlife photography in Belarus!


The exhibition is located in the hall of the 2nd floor of the House of Environmental Education in the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve (Domzheritsy village). The photo exhibition can be visited free of charge on weekdays, from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 17:00 (lunch from 13:00 to 14:00), as well as on weekends and holidays during New Year's programs.