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State Nature Protection Institution "Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve"

Nature protection department informs

The reserve's nature protection department summed up its work for 2023


Compliance and control of the reserve's protection regime is ensured by the nature protection department. Since the beginning of 2023, the wildlife and water bodies protection, hunting service of the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve has carried out 438 raids in order to protect the territory.

During patrolling of protected areas and adjacent hunting grounds “Barsuki” and “Berezina” from January to December 2023, inspectors identified 182 cases of violation of environmental legislation of the Republic of Belarus, including 34 violations of fishing rules, 13 forestry violations, 9 violations of fire safety rules and 126 others violations. It is worth noting that thanks to prevention and coordinated actions of the nature protection department, compared to last year, the number of cases of illegal actions causing harm to fish resources has decreased by 2 times.

Over 12 months, during operational raids, 0.034 km of fishing nets, 4 fyke nets, 30 prohibited fishing gear items, 4 net screens and 1.4 kg of illegally picked berries were found and seized. Since the beginning of the year, 1 criminal case has been initiated. The violators were fined in the amount of 6,382.5 BYN and claims were brought for compensation for damage caused to nature in the amount of 4,690.12 BYN, fines were collected in the amount of 6605.47 BYN and 3098.55 BYN − for damage.

The nature protection department warns that in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Belarus “On Specially Protected Natural Territories” and the Regulations on the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve, any activity that contradicts its objectives and the regime of special protection is prohibited on its territory, including the movement and parking of mechanical vehicles and self-propelled machines outside public roads, populated areas and specially equipped places, as well as the presence of tourists and excursionists on the territory of the reserve unaccompanied by employees of the institution. All excursions around the territory and observations are made only with the obligatory accompaniment of the reserve staff.

When staying on the territory of the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve, the following activities are also prohibited: commercial, sport and amateur hunting within the boundaries of the reserve, carrying firearms and sporting weapons without special permission, destruction and capture of wild animals; fishing without special permission from the administration; collecting skulls, animal horns and other zoological collection materials without appropriate permission; unauthorized felling, breaking of trees and bushes; importation of any domestic animals into the reserve; leaving garbage, fire pits and other activities that disturb the natural complexes of the reserve or threaten their condition. Compliance with the instructions of nature protection inspectors is mandatory for all citizens without any exception.