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State Nature Protection Institution "Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve"

Professional orientation event for local primary schoolers

In the near future − to work at the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve

Choosing a future profession is a very difficult and responsible task. Often, choosing the right specialty means choosing your life path. Currently, the important question “what to be?” becomes relevant for children since primary school.

State nature protection institution "Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve" is a basic enterprise in the Domzheritsy village, providing employment to the majority of local residents. Here, on January 18, primary school students of the Domzheritsy Basic School of the Lepel District underwent career guidance to see various professions in practice. First- and second-graders, accompanied by teachers and specialists from the reserve, visited the motor transport park, and third- and fourth-graders visited the Museum of Nature.


In the car park, primary schoolchildren learned about what mechanics, drivers, welders, carpenters, technicians, engineers and dispatchers do.


The chief mechanic of the institution, Vladimir Padabed, showed and explained what high-tech machines and mechanisms are used here.


Acquaintance with various techniques left a lot of impressions on children, both boys and girls.


Multifunctional forestry equipment aroused special admiration and genuine interest among the children.


In the Museum of Nature, third and fourth grade students got acquainted with the work of its employees − a guide, a tourism specialist, a cashier, and, at the same time, the work of researchers.


First, tourism specialist Maria Stankevich conducted a short fragment of the tour to demonstrate the essence of a guide’s work, and then spoke about the features of the profession, who it is most suitable for, and what education is required in tourism.


Senior researcher Alexander Lukashuk spoke about the activities of the scientific department of the reserve, what kind of research in the field of botany, zoology, ecology and other fields is carried out by the reserve's scientists and how important science is for society.


The presented demonstration materials aroused the greatest interest among the children.


With curiosity, they examined the largest and smallest bedbugs not only in Belarus, but also in the world, which the entomologist collected and carefully preserves. The scientist invited children who are interested in science to ask local researchers for help.


After this wonderful immersion in the world of nature, the kids saw how exciting and creative the position of a guide and a researcher in the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve can be. Perhaps such events will arouse in children a desire for development, a love for learning, and some of them will choose one of these incredibly interesting professions in the future.