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State Nature Protection Institution "Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve"

99 years of the Berezinsky Reserve. Prelude to the centenary

The Berezinsky is 99: about history, today's events and plans for the next year


Today, January 30, is a significant date in the calendar of our institution. The Berezinsky Reserve is celebrating another anniversary − one of the oldest specially protected natural areas in Belarus and Europe turns 99 years old. Exactly 99 years ago (January 30, 1925), the Council of Nation's Commissars of the BSSR, in order to protect and reproduce valuable wild animals, especially river beavers, issued a decree “On the establishment of a state hunting reserve in the Borisov District” − the Berezinsky Reserve.


Over its almost century-old anniversary, the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve has become well known not only in our country, but also as a European environmental complex. Thus, the reserve was awarded the European Diploma of Protected Areas and has been a member of the World Network of Biosphere Reserves for 45 years.


The next year will be special for our institution − its centenary. By 2025, many events are planned, both organizational and for the development and modernization of our environmental institution. By the anniversary date, the publication of books, various thematic articles and other publications, special programs about the reserve, exhibitions, as well as scientific seminars and conferences are expected. Design, repair and construction work is also planned to improve and update the infrastructure on the territory of the reserve. In total, the plans for the next two years include more than a dozen events.


By now, something has already been done. Thus, the Domzheritsy village, the administrative center of the reserve, is included in the republican project “Village of the Future”.

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A documentary film about the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve, created at the “Belarusfilm” studio, was also shot and released.


Today, in honor of the 99th anniversary of the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve, an event dedicated to this significant date was held for primary school students of the local Domzheritsy basic school.


At the House of Environmental Education, schoolchildren made an interesting journey into the world of photography, visiting the exhibition of the Belarusian Club of Wildlife Photographers.


During the lesson in the “Creen Class”, children learned about specially protected natural areas of Belarus, the reserve, its history, international status, natural objects, features of the work and functioning of the environmental institution, as well as the rules for staying on the territory of the reserve.


Also at the event, tourism specialist Maria Stankevich told the children about the official emblem of the reserve and the meaning of each element depicted on it, and held thematic quizzes.


The children actively participated in creative tasks, and at the end of the event they left their congratulations to their beloved reserve in the form of drawings with wishes.





Also today, residents and guests of Minsk have another unique opportunity to get immersed in the world of the reserve’s nature - to visit the photo exhibition “Treasures of the Belarusian Nature”, which takes place in the very center of the capital, at the Museum of Nature and Ecology of the Republic of Belarus.


You can also watch the program “Just like people”about the 99th anniversary of the reserve, as well as how wolves, elk, bison, roe deer, wild boars and other animals live here.