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State Nature Protection Institution "Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve"

Ice fishing among workers of the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve

Winter fishing competitions were held in the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve

On February 10, the annual winter ice fishing competition among workers was held in the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve. This year the winter competition was dedicated to the 99th anniversary of the formation of the reserve.


Ice fishing enthusiasts from different departments of the institution, as well as everyone who wanted to socialize in winter nature, gathered on the ice of Lake Plavno. A slight frost contributed to spending time in the fresh air actively. The competition opened with a ceremonial formation.


The start of the competition was announced by the chairman of the judging commission − the director of the reserve. Andrey Mikhailovich Prokoshin made a welcoming speech and wished all participants good luck!


The ceremonial raising of the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve flag − and those gathered dispersed throughout the lake.


A field kitchen was also organized for everyone.


The winners were awarded diplomas and valuable gifts.


In the final standings, thanks to his skill and luck, the forester of the Domzheritsy forestry, Dmitry Konstantinovich Bolshakov, became the winner of the competition. The second place was taken by the chief huntsman Andrey Vasilievich Kuzmin, who turned out to be the fastest ice axe. Nikita Prokoshin was awarded in the “Youngest Participant” nomination; other young participants were also awarded with incentive prizes and certificates “For the will to win”: Maxim Prokoshin and Mikhail Olshevsky.


В номинации «Самый юный участник» был награждён Прокошин Никита, также поощрительными призами и грамотами «За волю к победе» были награждены и другие юные участники: Прокошин Максим и Ольшевский Михаил.


Also, consolation prizes were awarded to Nadezhda Viktorovna Skorobogataya, guard at the experimental forestry and hunting area “Barsuki”, as the only woman who took part in winter ice fishing, and Vitaly Stanislavovich Vysotsky, as the most experienced fisherman.


The winter ice fishing competition ended with a ceremonial closing. Thanks to everyone for participating!