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State Nature Protection Institution "Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve"

We welcome Spring: the peak of Maslenitsa celebrations in our reserve

Maslenitsa: ritual of awakening the bear, animations, quests, excursions and treats


As a rule, large Maslenitsa festivities are in demand among tourists, so this year the period of Maslenitsa celebrations in the reserve has been increased; they began at the junction of winter and spring, already on February 24, and will last until Sunday, March 17. An interesting program for the one-day tour "Hey-hey, Maslenitsa!" includes animation and excursions. The animation part is pretty unusual and new for traditional Belarusian festivities. Through the well-known Maslenitsa, we introduce guests to the ancient Slavic holiday Komoeditsa, dedicated to the welcoming of spring and the awakening of the bear.


In addition to traditional heroes, the Maslenitsa program includes such mythological characters as the Bolotnik and the Bear, who leave all guests excited. This is not just a show, but the full involvement of tourists in the quest format. The teams will have to figure out who still wants winter to stay, and who wants to awaken the bear so that spring can come. Friendly round dances, funny competitions, sonorous songs, rhythmic dances, and, of course, burning of scarecrow!



Tourists can be guaranteed to see the beautiful bears Umka and Vasilisa live at a distance of several meters on an educational excursion in the enclosures of the reserve. You will also be told stories about other inhabitants of the Forest Zoo and the Pet Zoo, who are eager to “communicate” more closely with the guests. Most of them can be not only observed, but also fed: food is purchased at the zoo ticket office. Experienced guides at the Museum of Nature talk about the history of the reserve, its uniqueness, and the diversity of flora and fauna.


Guests of the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve feel the taste of the holiday in the most literal sense: after all, everyone who comes to the event will be treated to fluffy pancakes with aromatic herbal tea. And all this in the fresh air! We also offer you to taste preserved berry jam and buy a jar of sweet organic honey.


At the very beginning of the Maslenitsa festivities, we already received a dozen groups − that’s about 350 people who wanted to take part in the holiday. We expect a very large influx of visitors on the very last Maslenitsa Saturday, March 16th. In total, there will be almost 850 guests for Maslenitsa festivities this year!


If you also want to feel the taste of the holiday and approaching spring, come to us, to the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve! The tour is available for both organized and individual tourists.


Pre-registration is required, all information by phone: 8-021-32-37713, 8-021-32-37718, +375-33-378-03-23.