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State Nature Protection Institution "Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve"

Participation in the international exhibition “Hunting and Fishing in Rus'” in Moscow

Hunting, fishing, active tourism and more: our stand at the hunting exhibition

At the beginning of March, the largest exhibition in Russia, “Hunting and Fishing in Rus',” took place in Moscow, which has been taking place for 28 years. Twice a year, many official guests and a huge number of visitors from different countries gather here. Traditionally, the spring exhibition is always larger than the autumn one.


This time the event brought together not only large domestic companies, but also a large number of Chinese manufacturers of baits, rods, lines, braided cords and other gear. In total, more than 900 Russian and foreign companies took part in the exhibition.

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State Nature Protection Institution "Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve" took part in this exhibition for the first time.




From the first days, the stand of our institution attracted the attention of many visitors and exhibitors thanks to the active work of the reserve’s specialists − Andrey Kuzmin and Alexander Volchek.

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Our experts provided detailed advice to everyone interested in organizing hunting tours. Along with hunting services, the exhibition guests were shown the undeniable advantages of active and exciting recreation in the most picturesque protected areas. Everyone was able to learn about our exclusive offers, the variety of tourist routes, the organization of photo hunts and various ecological tours. And the positive result did not take long to arrive: our email immediately began to receive requests from those wishing to come to the reserve for a few days to photograph capercaillie and black grouse in their natural environment.


Also during the hunting exhibition, negotiations were held with the executive secretary of the central board of the Association “Russian Hunting and Fishing Union” Victoria Arkadyevna Pavlova. Contacts have been established with the leadership of the Russian hunting club “Safari” regarding cooperation and holding events on the basis of the State Nature Protection Institution “Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve”.


We hope that active participation in the Moscow exhibition will allow us to successfully conclude cooperation agreements with new partners, and the exchange of experience with event participants will increase the number of visitors and lead to improvement in the quality of services provided by the institution.