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Protection of the Reserve forests from fires and protection of its natural complexes from various violations (poaching, unauthorized logging and grazing of livestock, unauthorized presence of people on the territory, picking mushrooms and berries in unidentified places and without special permission) are the most important activities of the protective regime on the Reserve territory.

The protection of the Reserve territory is carried out by the department of Forest Protection and Forestry, as well as the department of wildlife and water bodies protection and hunting, with the active assistance of other specialists of the reserve.

The Department of Forest Protection and Forestry organizes the protection of the entire territory and manages the activities of 9 forestries: Berezino, Rozhno, Domzheritsy, Kraitsy, Tereshki, Zarechnoe, Palik, experimental forestries and hunting areas “Berezino” and “Barsuki”.

The forest guard staff consists of a total of 157 people. Direct protection of the Reserve territory is carried out by foresters and forest masters under the guidance of forest rangers.

Along with individual protection by patrols in the reserve, raids are carried out by the wildlife and water bodies protection, hunting department with the participation of forest inspectors, ambushes and duty shifts.