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The territory of the reserve includes mainly (over 95%) the Berezina river basin, the right tributary of the Dnieper. The hydrographic network consists of 69 rivers and brooks 1 km long or more. Its total length is 280 km, however 80% of rivers are less than 5 km in length. Mean density of the river network is 0,41 km/sq km.

The total declivity of the main reserve waterway viz. the Berezina, traversing its western edge for a distance of almost 100 km is 0,11 ppm, slopes of the tributaries are from 0,2-0,4 to 3-7 ppm. The coefficient of the Berezina twisting is 1,98, of its tributaries - 1,0-1,2. The depth of the Berezina is 1,5-2,5, of its tributaries - 0,2-1,5 m, the amplitude of seasonal water level fluctuation - 1,8-2,5 m. All the rivers in the reserve belong to the flat type with the elements of snow supply prevailing; summer and autumn precipitation are of minor value.

The hydrographic network is supplemented with 7 shallow (1-2 m) distrophing lakes of the remanent flat bottomed type, covered with highorganic sapropel 6-7 m thick. The total lake area - 1683 ha.