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Watching wild animals from an observation tower

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Common informationа:

Red deer were brought to the territory of the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve in the late 1950s − early 1960s from the Voronezh Reserve and has now been successfully reintroduced. Thanks to the high level of nature protection, its number now reaches almost 500 individuals. Because of many swamps in the reserve, the distribution of deer throughout the territory is uneven. Most groups gravitate towards mixed deciduous-pine and broad-leaved spruce upland forests and a few fields near local villages.

How the observation is organized?


In order to ensure presence of at least one herd of red deer, an observation tower was built in the vicinity of the reserve’s central village, and a feeding area was equipped near the field for wild animals to feed in winter time. Often roe deer also come there.

Thus, during snowy period, a high probability of these animals coming here is achieved. Yet notice, that it’s not possible to give a 100% guarantee − everything depends on the animals themselves, on weather conditions and on the behavior of tourists.


Observations are carried out in winter and last for 3 hours (from 8.00 to 11.00, from 15.00 to 18.00).

Cost: 80 BYN for a group of up to 4 people (+20 BYN for each subsequent one).

To register for the excursion, call +3752132 37718 (tourism department).